Sonex is a family owned company, founded in 1955 is now a large diverse group of industries, Sonex Utensils, Aluminum Utensils, Non Stick Utensils,Stainless Steel three ply Utensils. Sonex Sanitary Fittings established in 1992 now launched granite tiles in market. Our company philosophy is "commitment to our customer´s satisfaction", The uncompromising precision, progressive innovation and outstanding designs of our products reflect this dedication. Sonex offers a combination of beauty, technology and functionality at the highest level, A best organization, commercial support, logistic and customer´s service are facets of our commitment to our customers.

Those who emphasize quality and reliability will discover and ideal answer to their requirement in Sonex programme: a range of fascinating models in different finishes and designs which can satisfy the needs of private, commercial and institutional customers, Discover Sonex classical line and extensive range of Full Round, Quarter Round and Single Lever Mixtures, Flush Tanks and Bathroom Accessories. Sonex products are superior not only in designs and quality, but also in case of installation, simplifying after sale maintenances.

Sonex means: invocative ideas and personal dedication combined with high quality products, Sonex attach great importance to tradition, personal relationship and professional advice to its customers that is why it has grinded the ISO 9002 certificate.

We see our biggest challenge is not only developing an elite range of products, but also in creating a general implementation of our ideas and experiences. We define the requirement of a new series as economical without simplistic content, individual creativity at an affordable pricing.
1-CHROME QUALITY: Nickle Thickness=25 upto 30 microns.
Chrome=0.3 upto 0.5 mircrons.
We follow I.S.O plating standards
2-CHECKING PROCEDURE:(i) This is an I.S.O 9002 Certified Company.
(ii) Air Pressure testing and water pressue testing,before packing.
(i) Air pressure testing:Low pressure = 5PSI
High pressure = 100PSI
(ii) Water pressure testing:Low pressure = 1BR
High pressure = 8BR
(iii) Grease and Oils:Used food grade grease and oil, imported from japan.
(iv) Rupper products:Used Rubber products E.A.P (U.K) and Local, (Darson Rubber Work) supply NBR series products.
(v) Polish:Applying the Polish before packing food grade wax imported from Germany.
(vi) Guarantee:Therefore, Sonex product cover mechanical mechanism up to 5 years gurantee. So, Sonex is the best then other sanitary Product.